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  • Greener Grass offers a great service. Easy to deal with other the phone and get tasks organized. Professionally setup and... read more

    Aidin Johnson Avatar Aidin Johnson


    Thank you Greener Grass for such a healthy, dandelion free lawn. I also appreciate that your company is locally owned... read more

    Rachel G Avatar Rachel G


    Always had the best results, price and customer service through this team! Highly recommend them.

    Adam Remenda Avatar Adam Remenda


  • This will be my third or fourth year using greener grass. Our grass is so nice when we use their... read more

     Carolyn Mccutcheon Avatar Carolyn Mccutcheon


    We have just under one acre of grass that had been neglected past couple of years and the weeds etc... read more

    Don Diakow Avatar Don Diakow


    I have no hesitation recommending Greener Grass Ltd for all lawn care fertilizer and weed management needs. This is our... read more

    Noel Gagnon Avatar Noel Gagnon


  • This will be the third year using Greener Grass, they’ve been fantastic. Four sprays a year and one of the... read more

    Damien K Avatar Damien K


    Extremely happy with the service from Greener Grass. Have used other companies the past few years. ... read more

    David Lewin Avatar David Lewin


    Well after trying many of these companies, the small ones, the too big to care ones, I have found the... read more

    Frank Winkler Avatar Frank Winkler


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