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Lawn Care Services in Calgary

Nurturing your landscape to its full potential can take time and effort. When should you fertilize? What might be preventing your grass from thriving? How can you gain an advantage in the war against weeds? Greener Grass is here if you're looking for lawn care services in Calgary! 

Take a look at our lawn care services below. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help!

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from $239.95 +gst

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from $210.00 per acre


Lawn Fertilizer

from $239.95 +gst

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Lawn Weed Control

Included in packages


Chinch Bug Control

from $239.95 +gst


Mosquito Guard

from $299.95 +gst


Lawn Aerating

from $80.00 +gst

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Soil Enhancer

from $69.95 +gst


Lawn Power Raking

from $140.00 +gst

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Vegetation Control

from $100.00 +gst


Lawn Overseeding

from $69.95 +gst

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care Services

Greener Grass offers lawn care services for both residential and commercial.


At Greener Grass, we know not all properties are the same. Commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes, from schools to apartments, to office spaces; whatever the space, it's essential to keep it clean and organized.

We’re here to help. We offer vegetation control scaled to your property’s needs. Whether we like it or not, books are judged by their cover, so let us help put your best face forward to the public.


Our services are designed first and foremost with residential homeowners in mind. Greener Grass recognizes that your property is not just a home, it is an investment, and we take that seriously. 

We take pride in our affordable services to accommodate a spectrum of budgets. Professional lawn care adds financial value to your home and gives you a space to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Acreage Lawn Care Services in Calgary

Liquid fertilizer and weed control are offered to our larger acreage properties. We use the same method and attention to detail on our acreage properties as we do with our residential clients. All applications are applied with a truck-mounted hose to ensure a proper and even application.

We also offer Vegetation Control used for getting rid of all unwanted vegetation. This is used prior to planting new lawns & landscaping and to maintain growth-free patios, driveways, parking pads and back lanes.

Our Lawn Care Services Programs in Calgary

Let us help you with your lawn care routine today, and enjoy the pride of a picturesque yard! Our  lawn care services also include the following:

  • Lawn Aerating
  • Lawn Power Raking
  • Lawn Overseeding
  • Soil Enhancer

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can assist you with your residential lawn, acreage or commercial property. At Greener Grass, our attention to customer service will ensure you receive excellent results promptly, professionally and efficiently.

Lawn Care Services & Maintenance

What lawn care techniques do you recommend?

In between lawn care services, we recommend mowing and watering regularly. Depending on the conditioning of your lawn, we recommend weed control and fertilizer, aeration, and overseeding to achieve a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Will you dispose of grass and other debris?

No, we do not dispose of grass and other debris with our lawn care services. With our power raking services, we do not take clippings with us. We leave them on site for regular compost pick up.

How often and when should my lawn be fertilized?

A common misconception about fertilizer is that it only needs to be applied during the growing season. However, to achieve a thick and healthy lawn all year round, we recommend applying fertilizer in early May or when the snow has fully melted and the growing season has started, late June to provide the lawn with nutrients to withstand the summer heat, early September, and mid-October to help the lawn grow strong and withstand the winters. 

At Greener Grass, we do applications every 5-6 weeks meaning April/May, June/July, July/August, September/October.

What types of residential lawn care packages do you provide?

We have three types of residential lawn care packages – premium, standard, and organic.

What residential lawn care services are available?

We provide weed control and fertilization packages along with customizable options such as aeration, power raking, vegetation control, and overseeding.

What types of commercial lawn care packages do you provide?

We have two types of commercial lawn care packages – liquid fertilizer & weed control and vegetation control.

How much do you charge for lawn care or maintenance?

We provide different types of lawn care services at varying prices. You can take a look at our services and prices here. If you want to add other services or you’d like an estimate for your property, call us at 403-271-2111, and we’d be happy to assist you.

When can I mow the lawn?

You should wait to mow the lawn until the application has been watered in thoroughly (as per watering instructions).

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