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Chinch Bug Control Service

Chinch bug control is vital for maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the season. These pests can be irritating and cause damage if not managed promptly. At Greener Grass, our specialized services effectively target chinch bugs with a comprehensive liquid treatment to provide coverage across your entire lawn.

With years of experience in chinch bug control, we prioritize using high-quality, safe products for your family, pets, and our team. Early detection and treatment are essential for preventing extensive lawn damage caused by chinch bugs.

Are Chinch Bugs Harmful?

Chinch bugs can definitely be harmful to lawns, primarily attacking red fescue and Kentucky bluegrass, which constitute over 80% of Canadian lawns. These pests extract the sap from grass blades and inject a toxin, leading to irreversible damage. Distinguishing chinchbug damage from drought effects can be challenging; chinch bug damage typically appears less uniform and localized, while drought damage is more consistent and widespread across the lawn.

Chinch Bugs on a Calgary Lawn

The Benefits of Greener Grass Chinch Bugs Control in Calgary

For effective chinch bug control, it’s highly recommended to go with a certified professional like Greener Grass. Our experts have access to the right products and necessary safety equipment.

Insecticides used for chinch bug control contain potent chemicals, making professional handling imperative. DIY methods, often relying on off-the-shelf products, may not be specifically formulated for chinch bugs and tend to be more diluted and less effective compared to commercial-grade solutions.

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How do I know if I have chinch bug damage?

It can be difficult to differentiate between damage caused by chinch bugs and drought, as they can appear very similar. Typically, chinch bug damage is less uniform and localized in specific, disconnected areas.

In contrast, drought damage tends to be more consistent and uniformly distributed across the lawn.

How does my lawn attract chinch bugs?

Chinch bugs typically infest dry lawns under stress or with a significant amount of thatch.

Regular lawn care, including consistent watering, frequent mowing, and yearly aeration, is essential to deter these pests. At Greener Grass, our specialized services effectively target chinch bugs with a comprehensive liquid treatment to provide coverage across your entire lawn.

What is the lifespan of chinch bugs?

Adult chinch bugs have a lifespan of about 50 days, during which they can significantly dehydrate your lawn by sucking the moisture from each grass blade. This issue is compounded by their rapid reproduction rate, allowing them to affect large areas of your lawn in a short period.

Do chinch bugs go away in winter?

Chinch bugs remain dormant and freeze during winter, hibernating until the warmer weather arrives, when they thaw out and become active again.

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