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Soil Enhancer

A liquid application of micronutrients designed to help improve the soil condition for plant growth. Poor soil health can lead to impacted and nutrient-depleted soil, hindering the lawn’s growth and restricting root development. Our soil enhancer treatment is added directly to the soil, improving its structure and allowing nutrients and water to move more freely. 

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The benefits of Greener Grass soil enhancer in Calgary

When soil quality and performance are poor, lawns can’t thrive and grow thick, regardless of how much you water or overseed. Along with other essential lawn care services such as fertilizer and aeration, soil enhancers allow more nutrients and water in, leading to a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Some of the benefits of soil enhancers:

Improves aeration

By improving aeration, infiltration, and drainage, nutrients are able to move through the soil more easily and reach plant roots.

Reduces water usage

Healthy soil has better water and nutrient-holding capacity, which helps reduce the amount of water needed to keep lawns hydrated.

Boosts lawn health

Soil enhancers help lawns receive the nutrients they need. Grass grows thicker and is more resilient against disease and drought.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fertilizer and soil enhancer?

Fertilizer supplies essential nutrients that lawns need, while soil enhancers help improve the soil's condition so nutrients can flow more easily.

How do soil enhancers work?

Soil enhancers are packed with micronutrients that promote natural plant growth and help roots grow strong without harming the grass. Our liquid soil enhancers are applied directly to the soil to improve its condition.

When is the best time to apply soil enhancers?

Soil enhancers can be applied in spring, summer, or fall to promote a healthy lawn all year round. It can be applied in the spring to help lawns prep well for the growing season, in the summer when foot traffic and heat can affect the health of the soil, and during the fall to protect the lawn during winter.

Is soil enhancer good for my lawn?

Yes, soil enhancers are suitable for your lawn if the quality and performance of the soil are subpar. This treatment helps lawns get the nutrients they need without damaging healthy grass, allowing grass to recover faster from disease and heat.

Can I seed after applying soil enhancer?

Yes. In fact, soil enhancers can help new grass grow thicker and healthier with the proper nutrients.

Can soil enhancers be added to other lawn care services?

Yes, you can request a soil enhancer treatment with our other lawn care services, including fertilizer, weed control, aeration, power raking, overseeding, and vegetation control.

How do I know if my soil needs enhancement?

You should enhance your soil if you notice compacted soil, plants showing nutrient deficiencies, or issues with water drainage. These are common signs that your soil could benefit from some improvement.

How long does it take to see results from soil enhancement?

The timeframe for seeing results from soil enhancement can vary based on the enhancer used and the soil's initial condition. Generally, you can notice improvements within a few weeks to a few months.

Is soil enhancement a one-time treatment, or does it need to be repeated?

Soil enhancement is typically an ongoing effort. Periodic treatments may be necessary to maintain soil health and fertility. Regular soil testing is a good practice to identify when additional enhancements are needed.

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