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Weed Control

Weed treatments are applied on a spot treatment basis applying only when and where needed.  It is designed to give you a weed free lawn all season long by controlling the broadleaf weeds found in the Calgary Area.

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Weed Treatments


Weed Control treatments are included in all of our fertilizing programs. We can also offer weed control in non lawn areas (back lane, parking area, sidewalks, patios) with our Vegetation Control option.

Facts about weed control

Weed control is a service Greener Grass is proud to include with our fertilization treatments.  Controlling weeds is essential to maintaining a vibrant lawn, and our technicians apply targeted practices to eliminate problem species to protect the health and visuals of your grass. When coupled with fertilizer treatment to boost the health of your residential ecosystem, weed control not only helps keep your lawn looking vibrant and manicured, but also protects your neighbours property as well.

Why Do I Need Weed Control?

Common Calgary weeds include; clover, thistle, chickweed, and the extremely prolific dandelion. While each looks very different, these Calgary plants all earn their weed designation due to their fast spreading nature. Many of these weeds do not even require insects to spread their seeds, dandelion pods only have to wait for a breezy day!

Because of their rapid growth and spread weeds can be a tough order for individual gardeners to keep at bay. A single person with only a spade to help them can probably expect to spend at least a full day digging up and bagging weeds only to have them reappear in a few weeks unless constant monitoring of the yard is done. Spend more time enjoying your yard, not slaving over it.

Benefits of Weed Control

When managed effectively, weeding protects not just your lawn but your neighbours too. Many Alberta weed species, unlike lawn grass, are adapted to the prairie’s temperature swings. They are naturally prepared for a short growing season where they must hoard as many nutrients as possible and then spread their seeds. Their aggressive root systems strangle other plants, then hog soil nutrients. Our planned weed control program, especially when paired with our fertilizer treatments, help boost the health of grass, making it more resistant to aggressive weed species.

How do we control weeds

Because weed species, especially dandelions, spread so quickly it is critical they be eliminated not just in a timely manner, but also thoroughly. This is why at Greener Grass we use weed control that kills weeds to the root. Killing weeds in this way reduces the need for additional treatments down the road and can even help slow the spread of weed species in your area.

When do we control the weed

Weed control treatments are best applied when weeds are actively growing, usually from May to September in the Calgary area. This helps keep species like dandelions from spreading their seed. This not only keeps your yards safe from infection, but also reduces the spread of weed species to your neighbours lawns, limiting the ability of weeds to grow season after season.

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