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3 Reasons for Weed Control

3 Reasons for Weed Control

Weeds! You have them in your yard every year but how do you get rid of them? You’ve tried several different products and nothing works. You need help. Professional landscaping companies can come to your home to annihilate those dandelions, or whatever else keeps popping up in your grass.

Why call a professional when you can spray your own yard with weed killers? Professional landscapers will know where, when and what to spray for with each particular weed. Too much weed killer can harm your grass so why not leave it to the professionals for greener grass?

Why is it important to get rid of weeds?

1. Weeds Present a Negative Environmental Impact

When weeds are present in your yard, they change the natural diversity and balance of the ecological environment. The survival of other plants and animals in our environment are affected. How? Weeds grow faster than other plants and feed on nutrients, water and sunlight other plants need. These pesky growths also replace native plants many animals use for homes, hideaways, nesting and food.

2. Harmful to Your Health

Many common weeds like ragweed can cause asthma or other respiratory issues, especially in children. When the wind blows across a mature weed, it takes pollen and seeds with it, creating a nightmare for allergy sufferers. Weeds have been known to irritate people’s skin and some are even poisonous.

Getting a landscaping professional to come to your home and deal with these weeds is the best way to avoid negative interactions. A professional landscaper will determine the appropriate product to use in order to get rid of weeds from your yard. You’ll breathe easier with a visit from your weed control specialist.

3. Unpleasant to Look At

Your once beautiful yard has been taken over by weeds. Last week there were just a few nasty thistles and dandelions, but now you have a whole bunch. Weeds grow quickly and in large amounts, everywhere. They push their way into every nook and cranny and soon all you will see are these plant imposters.

Your in-laws come over nagging you about your ugly, unhealthy lawn and flowerbeds. The city bylaw is even complaining about your weedy situation and can give you a $400 fine for those out of control weeds. Get professional landscaping help to make your yard beautiful again, saving you more than just the wrath of your in-laws.

Controlling your weeds means taking charge of negative impacts on the environment, your health and the general appearance of your yard. Greener Grass is a professional landscaping company who can spray your yard to keep your plants and lawn healthy.

Say goodbye to yard shame, nagging in-laws and complaining neighbours. Get outside and enjoy your beautiful weed-free yard, full of plants and flowers to brighten your mood.

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