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How to Control Weeds

How to Control Weeds

It won’t be long until lawns are covered with the unsightly little yellow flowers, yes dandelions!  They are only one of many unwanted weeds that make their way into our lawns.  So, what to do about them.  Well you can always get down on hands & knees and dig each one out, problem is there’s a good chance you won’t get the entire root out and in a matter of days or weeks that weed will re-appear.  Then there’s the spray bottle of weed control and we’ve all seen those lawns full of dead spots from using too much product or the wrong product.  This is a job best left to the professionals for good results.

Weeds cannot be prevented – there is no product that can be applied to prevent weeds from growing, they can only be eliminated by spraying them with a weed control product while they are in an active growing state.  Unfortunately, weed seeds are always present and will blow great distances so there are always new seeds taking root on even the best maintained lawns.  Regular applications to treat the new weeds as they come in is the best way to keep your lawn looking great and weed free all season.

Weeds like many other plants have their seasons, dandelions start to appear early in the spring and thistles tend to appear later in the season once the temperatures increase.   Clover also prefers the warmer weather and can be more difficult to eliminate due to the nature of the patches being several layers deep, it can take a few applications of weed control to work through the layers of clover.  Contrary to the belief of many, quack grass is not a weed, it is a type of grass albeit an undesirable one.  Therefore there is no product that can selectively eliminate one type of grass while not damaging the lawn around it.  If quack grass is taking over your lawn you probably aren’t watering enough and that is why these wild hardy varieties start to move in.

You may have weeds or wild grasses growing in areas other than your lawn, no problem, there is a product that can eliminate growth in these areas.  It is a specific product that is only used in areas where there is no lawn as it will get rid of all growth.

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