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6 Key Ways to Maintain A Healthy Yard

6 Key Ways to Maintain A Healthy Yard

You are heading home after a long day at work. As you pull up to the curb, you smile at your beautiful, healthy-looking yard. Your lawn brightens your day.
On the other hand, arriving home to an un-kept lawn makes you feel a little sad inside.

How do you do makes sure your yard stays green and makes you smile?

1. Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn provides it with nutrients. Your grass feeds on healthy soil and just like you, needs to be fed regularly. You may need several meals a day but your yard only requires fertilizer a few different times during the year.

How do you know when your grass is hungry for nutrients? What do you feed it?

A professional lawn care service knows when and how to fertilize your grass for the best results. With over 35+ years of experience, Greener Grass makes sure your yard has the right fertilizer applied at the correct time.

2. Control Those Weeds

How can you get rid of those pesky weeds popping up all over your lawn? A professional landscaper can help you control weeds in your yard. Your lawn may be free of weeds but they will likely come back without regular maintenance.

All lawns have weed seeds lodged between the blades of grass. With the help of wind, water, insects, and animals, seeds are dispersed regularly throughout the growing season. Weeds need to be attacked when they are growing. When you treat them at an early stage, they will be void of seeds and less likely to spread. Talk to Greener Grass about how you can initiate a weed control and fertilizing program to help your yard produce healthier grass and kick weeds to the curb.

3. Aerate Your Zone

You need to breathe and so does your lawn. Make sure you get an aerating service to help water and fertilizer reach the root zones. What else does aerating do?

  • Alleviates Soil Compaction
  • Allows for better root development
  • Minimizes Runoff when watering
  • Provides thicker, happier grass

What exactly is aerating? Removing plugs of soil to allow the water and nutrients to penetrate.

After an aerating session, your grass will be much greener.

4. Power Up Your Lawn

Power raking is an ideal way to get rid of thatch or remove dead grass from your lawn.

Power raking has many benefits including allowing your grass to grow quicker. After a thorough raking, it is easier to see problem spots that need further or different kinds of landscaping attention.

5. Vegetation Control

Vegetation control is the elimination of all unwanted vegetation. This would be used prior to planting new lawns/landscaping or to maintain growth-free patios, driveways, parking pads and back lanes.

6. Overseeding

What is overseeding? The spreading of grass seed onto your lawn to improve density.

Overseeding is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. To find out which types of grass require overseeding, call your local landscaping company. A professional lawn specialist can help you thicken up your lawn.

A lushly landscaped yard is a happy yard. Are you ready to breathe in the delicious scent of freshly cut grass?

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