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Professional Lawn Services In Calgary: Are They Necessary?

Professional Lawn Services In Calgary: Are They Necessary?

Like any living, breathing thing, grass needs nutrients, food, and water to thrive. This highlights the importance of regular and timely fertilization to achieve a green and healthy lawn. However, the question we often receive as a professional lawn care company in Calgary is whether lawn fertilizer services are worth it. After all – it’s just sprinkling fertilizer on the grass, right? Not quite.

When done improperly, grass can suffer from what we call ‘fertilizer burn’ or inadvertently promote weed growth. If you’re wondering whether professional lawn services are necessary, ask yourself if you have the time and experience to give your lawn the care it needs and if you have the knowledge and equipment to properly nurture it throughout the season.

If not, then lawn fertilizer services can be extremely beneficial for you and rewarding for your lawn. Here are some of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional to care for your turf.

The right application

Professional lawn fertilization is customized to your lawn’s specific needs and identifies issues such as weeds, lawn disease, and pests. At Greener Grass, we offer 3 different types of fertilizer programs: organic, slow release, and liquid. These are applied at scheduled intervals during the growing season for best results. When applied correctly, fertilizer provides nutrients that help make grass resistant to disease and less prone to weeds.

Weed termination

Weeds compete for nutrients, which prevents grass from growing healthy and thriving. And when fertilizer is applied, weeds also get a growth boost. This is why our fertilizer programs also include spot treatment of weed control, applying only where and when it’s needed. We’ve seen strong weed-killing chemicals sprayed over the lawn, resulting in unsightly dead spots which we want to avoid.

It saves you time

Fertilizing the lawn is not as simple as just applying the product. It requires knowledge of different lawn issues, types of grass, types of weeds, and timely maintenance during the growth season in the spring. When deciding whether to hire a professional or attempt it yourself, consider the time it takes to learn proper fertilizer application, acquire the equipment and product, and the maintenance afterwards. When you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about timing as they will have the services scheduled.

You’ll have a green and luscious lawn in no time

You won’t regret having professional lawn care services done when you and your family can lounge, play, and step barefoot on your luscious and thriving grass all summer long. A healthy and green lawn enhances the look of your property and makes a memorable impression.

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