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The Benefits of Fertilizer

The Benefits of Fertilizer

Have you ever wondered why your neighbor’s lawn is looking better than yours?  There are many factors that go into having a great looking lawn such as watering, aerating, cutting height but there’s a good chance that your neighbor’s lawn is being fertilized regularly with the proper nutrients and that is what is giving their lawn that beautiful deep green color.

Fertilizers are made up of several ingredients, each one contributing to a different aspect of a healthy green lawn.  Nitrogen makes the lawn grow and gives it the deep green color.  Phosphate helps with the growth of the lawn and potash helps with root development and to prevent diseases and pests.  It is important that fertilizing be done at the correct times during the growing season to ensure best results.

There are several different kinds of fertilizers, some come in a liquid form and some in a granular or pellet form.  One is not better than the other because it is liquid or granular, rather it is what is within either form that matters.  Synthetic fertilizers will usually give the best results but organic fertilizers work quite well and will enrich the soil.  Slow release fertilizers are especially desirable because they release slowly and are continually feeding the lawn over a period of time as opposed to standard fertilizers which are activated initially and slowly fade over the same period.

We’ve all seen those do-it-yourself fertilizer results where a striped pattern is noticeable. A professional lawn applicator will ensure that the fertilizer is applied at the proper times throughout the season and will make sure the application is applied evenly.

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