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What is Power Raking?

What is Power Raking?

Spring is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about your lawn and what is needed to prepare your grass for the season ahead.  If you’re wondering what power raking is or why your lawn needs it, here is some information to help you.  Power Raking is recommended to be done in the spring to clean up the accumulation of dead grass from the previous season.  You’ll want to have this done early in the spring before the new growth has fully filled in thus enabling the power raking process to remove as much of the thatch and dead grass as possible.

If this layer of dead grass is left on the lawn it will build up year after year and turn into a thick thatch layer.   Thatch that is allowed to build up will have a negative impact on your lawn.  It will cause root build up and over time the roots will not be reaching deep into the soil and this will cause your lawn to dry out more quickly.  A thick thatch layer also promotes lawn diseases and can provide a home for insects.

Some would say the best thing about Power Raking is you don’t have to get out and hand rake your lawn in the spring. To power rake yourself can be costly to rent machines and still requires the physical labour to operate and to hand rake up the grass afterwards.  The mower attachments for power raking can damage the lawn by ripping out the plants while attempting to loosen the dead grass.

It is also a good idea to aerate your lawn as part of this spring clean up process.  Aerating is recommended to alleviate the soil compaction which allows water and fertilizer to reach the roots.  It’s a great idea to have these done together and that way the aeration plugs are pulled first and the power raking process afterwards will break up the plugs and provide a top dressing but best of all you’re left with a nice clean, freshly groomed lawn to start your spring off on the right foot.

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